July 2015


2015 CBD S&T Conference Highlight Video

USI Contractors supporting DTRA JSTO had the opportunity to attend and participate in the 2015 CB S&T Conference in St. Louis, Missouri with over 1250 representatives from academia, industry, government and 32 countries.  See link below for…

Latest USI Corp Logo

USI Awarded a New DTRA Task Order

Since 2011 USI has been providing A&AS support for the Chemical/ Biological technologies Department and the Counter WMD Technologies Department within DTRA.  Now, USI is actively engaging and advising on the direction and development of research and program plans…


Advanced-concentrator-materials have arrived

USI supports this work by translating technical data into simple DoD relevant user-friendly language to illustrate the potential benefits this research and development may provide to the community. FORT BELVOIR, Va. – A multi-faceted scientific effort…