Mishandling of bioterror pathogens

A lab operated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was among those that had their permits suspended for mishandling bioterror pathogens like anthrax and Ebola over the past few years, SOURCE|MORE…

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The future of Ebola

WHO, partners and affected countries are stepping up planning for how to use an Ebola vaccine in response to an outbreak. SOURCE|MORE…


Primitive biopolymers

Temperature gradients within pores in rock could have separated primitive biopolymers on the basis of their sequences—a vital precondition for the formation of self-replicating systems in the primordial ocean SOURCE|More..


The Mighty Saber simulation

The first of its kind exercise held in July and August 2015 to test a new network of sensors that would collect data during a surprise nuclear strike. SOURCE|More..  


Invisible epidemic

Children in Africa and parts of Asia are falling victim to an “invisible” epidemic—fungal toxins in food that can stunt their growth and delay their development SOURCE|More…

Science Campaign Trail

Science on the Campaign Trail

Science related questions don’t get much attention but it does creep into the conversation. Where do the presidential candidates stand? Source|More…